Mobile APIs

New in Qt 5 are APIs for mobile platforms. These APIs access various hardware and mobile features. There are also APIs for extending support to other devices and platforms.

Supported Mobile Platforms

The following pages contain information about setting up Qt Creator and how to get started with the mobile platforms:


The Qt Sensors module's APIs allow access to various hardware sensors. Accelerometers, light sensors, compass, and gyroscope sensors are one of the many types of sensors supported by the QML and C++ APIs.


Accessing location information through Global Positioning System (GPS) or Cell ID positioning is available through the positioning APIs from the Qt Positioning module. Additionally, devices which use NMEA protocols can be used as a source.


The Qt Location module's API allows access to map, navigation, and place data. It is possible to interact with tile maps using gestures to pan, flick, and zoom. Additional information such as routes or places may be displayed on the map.


The Qt Bluetooth module's APIs allows access to Bluetooth-enabled devices. There are APIs for scanning Bluetooth devices and sharing data among devices. The APIs have support for radio-frequency communication (RFCOMM) and OBEX Object Push Profile (OPP) protocols.


Near field communication (NFC) support is provided by the Qt NFC module. The QML and C++ APIs sets up communication between NFC Forum Tags and NFC Forum Devices through the of NFC Logical Link Control Protocol (LLCP).

In-App Purchasing

The Qt Purchasing module enables mobile developers to generate revenue from their applications on Android and iOS platforms. The module provides C++ and QML alternatives to support the In-App purchasing use case in Qt applications.